Support Local Florists for Mothers Day

While Pollen doesn’t do individual gift deliveries, such as those for Mothers Day, we encourage you to support your local florists, and work DIRECTLY with the florist who will be delivering the flowers you send to Mom. Why? You’ll be supporting a small business, and you’ll benefit as well.

You typically will get better service, quality, and pricing if you avoid national order-gathering companies and work directly with a local florist. Read this article by Florist Chronicles for more information.

Call the local florist prepared with the day you would like the flowers delivered, the name and address of the recipient, the message you would like on the card, your budget, and your credit card number. You will often get better product if you allow the florist some flexibility, rather than picking a numbered or titled bouquet.  Think of descriptions such as “simple, white, and modern” or “wildflowery with lots of pink” instead of “TF105-3.”

And order early. You will get better service and make the florist’s job easier if you place your order sooner rather than later.

Happy Mothers Day, and I’ll be thinking of all of my retail florist friends this week!  Sending you lots of positive energy!  Some of our floral friends that can help you with Mothers Day orders are:

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