Green Wedding Tip: Skip the Aisle Runner

For a greener wedding, skip the aisle runner!

The use of an aisle runner, rolled down the aisle of the church before the bridal party processional, is a tradition that has outlived its necessity.   Historically, aisle runners were used before the days of asphalt and concrete to protect the bride’s gown from dirt tracked in by guests.  These days, few guests are coming in by gravel or dirt road, so the aisle runner isn’t really necessary.  But the aisle runner has remained a tradition nonetheless.

Modern aisle runners are disposable, single-use purchases.  Once they’ve been torn up by the wedding guests’ heels, they’re headed for the landfill.  Beyond that, modern aisle runners are typically made of plastic, which is not biodegradable and requires oil in its production.  According to the Green Bride Guide, if every wedding in the US this year used a disposable aisle runner and they were laid end to end, they would circle the globe twice.  For a green wedding, skip the aisle runner.  Proof that a green wedding can be cheaper… by eliminating the unnecessary!

If you really want to define the aisle, an alternative is to line either side of the aisle with flower petals.  Just be sure to steer clear of dark-colored petals as they may stain your dress.  And of course, use flowers that have been grown in an eco-friendly way!