Styled Photo Shoot on 100 Layer Cake

We were just thrilled to be a part of an amazing creative team of Indie Wed vendors who contributed to this styled photo shoot of Geometric Wedding Inspiration on 100 Layer Cake’s blog.  Thanks to Kelly at Indie Wed for inviting Pollen to be a part of it!  And thanks to Amanda Megan Miller Photography for capturing everything so beautifully!  Here’s a sample of the loveliness to be found in the full post. by Amanda Megan Miller Photography

Understated Luxury: Inspired Creations Contest Entry

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kelly from Paper Stories and Indie Wed, Stevi from Avery House, and Lauren from Ryan Alexander Events on an entry for the Inspired Creations Contest sponsored by The Sweetest Occasion and Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Thanks to Room 1520 for providing the location and the model (thanks, Haley!) and to Shannon of Plate for her assistance and for lending out some of Plate’s vintage plate collection!

This was an exciting chance for me to explore some new techniques, such as using a floral frog for the centerpiece (actually a very old technique!).  Also, I got to work in the naturalistic style which I have come to love.

Please visit the Sweetest Occasions blog to see more and leave comments!  The winner will be selected on criteria including the comments left on the Sweetest Occasions blog (*hint, hint*)

Wedding Profile: All Pink, and All Peonies!

I loved this all pink, all peony wedding.  Okay, okay…  I used some white orchids for the boutonnieres and corsages.  Peonies would be a bit large for pinning on, after all!

Bridal Bouquet of Pink Peonies

Peony Bridal Bouquet

This was a day wedding for a bride who was truly a dream to work with.  At the initial consultation, we talked about keeping it simple and soft, and landed on using only peonies.  No greenery.  No accents.  Just peonies, in a range of pink, from light to dark.  Just peonies for the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and the centerpieces.

Peony Wedding Centerpiece

Peony Centerpiece

The centerpieces, like the bouquets, were just peonies in a mix of shades of pink.  I recently added the recycled glass vases to my rental inventory.  I really like them because they have a strong presence, and because of the small opening, don’t require a ton of flowers (and a ton of money) to fill.  The pink peonies helped to soften the otherwise somewhat masculine space at Salvatore’s.

Such a pretty and simple look for spring!

Indie Wed Display–Modern Theme

For the “modern” theme for Pollen’s Indie Wed display, the inspiration was a beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes.  The decor picked up the fuchsia color of the shoes with deep pinks, as well as pewter and silver, and conveyed simple elegance.

Modern Theme Mini-Inspiration Board

I featured fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids in the centerpiece, bridal bouquet, and boutonniere.  These flowers are so gorgeous and striking, that they really can stand alone.  I added lily grass to the tall centerpiece, and allowed the orchids to have some space, so the individual stems could be appreciated.

Tall and Modern Orchid Centerpiece

These beautiful orchids were grown in a western suburb of Chicago, so they only had to travel 25 miles to get here, instead of 2500 miles!  So not only are they very fresh, but they have a smaller carbon footprint than imported orchids, since they don’t need nearly as much fossil fuel to get to their ultimate destination.

For the bridal bouquet, I again allowed the orchids to stand alone, with a little lily grass added for a modern flair.  I wrapped the stems in pewter ribbon, then silver wire, to carry through the silver accents in the centerpieces.

Modern Orchid Bridal Bouquet

These flowers would be perfect for the couple planning a simple and elegant wedding that still makes a  statement!

These beautiful phalaenopsis stems were grown in a western suburb of Chicago, so they only had to travel 25 miles to get here, instead of 2500 miles!

Indie Wed Display–Quirky/Woodsy Theme

The Quirky/Woodsy vignette from my display at Indie Wed definitely got the most attention.  About a week before Indie Wed, I thought about cutting out this vignette, because I really hadn’t figured out yet what I was going to do for it.  I was thinking of the theme as Wintry/Rustic, and envisioned using birch bark as a focal feature, but the birch bark got the boot.  Twig balls and acorns took center stage, and the theme became Quirky/Woodsy.  I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this theme, because so many people reacted to it.

Here was the mini inspiration board for the theme, showing the inspiration piece: these somewhat strange-looking handmade owls I found a photo on Shelterrific’s blog.  The color scheme was green, plum, grey-ish aqua, and brown.

The Quirky/Woodsy Theme

For the centerpiece, I started with a natural basket made of twigs and moss.  I inserted a 5X5X5 inch glass cube vase to line it.  Thankfully it fit perfectly!  Instead of using floral foam–a much depended upon floral industry material–I designed the centerpiece in water.  I avoid using floral foam as much as possible, because it is both non-biodegradable and a petroleum-based product.  Oh, and it contains formeldehyde.  A couple of days before Indie Wed, I placed in the arrangement the non-floral items: a moss ball that I made from moss and waxed thread to provide some structure (my floral foam substitute), the branches, twig balls, and the succulent.  Here’s what that stage looked like:

The First Step of the Quirky/Woodsy Centerpiece

I later added the kale, stock, trachelium, and acorns.

The Final Quirky/Woodsy Centerpiece

For the bouquet, I used many of the same elements as were in the centerpiece. When I was thinking the theme would be Wintry/Rustic, I was planning on using a sweater-like material to cover the stems of the bouquet.  Instead, I used a green grosgrain ribbon with brown wooden buttons on the handle.

Quirky/Woodsy Wedding Bouquet

I didn’t get a good isolated shot of the acorn boutonniere, but here you can see it in the final display.  The boutonniere had matching ribbon and buttons to coordinate with the bridal bouquet.

Quirky/Woodsy Vignette

Another sustainable aspect of these designs is that many of the elements, such as the twig spheres, acorns, and branches, could be saved and used to create a keepsake.  The succulents could also be removed and would last for months kept in a low glass container with river rock and a little water. It’s a reusable bouquet!

The vignette I almost axed was the one I enjoyed making and looking at the most.  I’m so glad I kept it!

Indie Wed Recap

I had such a fantastic time at Indie Wed!  Initial estimates indicate that around 1,000 people attended the event, held on Saturday, January 30th at the Ravenswood Event Center.  It was so wonderful to see past, present, and hopefully future clients.  Seeing so many of my clients indicated that I was definitely in the right place!  And, wow, such a fantastic group of vendors!

For Pollen’s display, I created three floral vignettes, each with a different theme: vintage, modern, and quirky/woodsy.  I wanted to show the range of styles that Pollen can provide, and how flowers can truly enhance the theme of the wedding. The display also showed ideas for including eco-friendly options in wedding flowers.

Each vignette had a bridal bouquet, table centerpiece, and boutonniere, as well as a mini-inspiration board.  My idea with the inspiration board was to mimic the initial part of the creative process of designing wedding flowers.  Typically, a potential client comes to a consultation with a photo of some element of the bridal party’s attire, a color scheme, and sometimes an inspiration piece.  It’s my job from there to interpret this look through the floral design of the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.

In future blog posts, I’ll tell you about each vignette.  For now, I’ll share photos of Pollen’s Indie Wed display and our new business cards, hot off the presses and just in time for Indie Wed.

Pollen's Indie Wed display

Pollen Business Card and Contact Info

Pollen Business Card--Front

Pollen Business Card--Back

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Indie Wed Sneak Preview–Vintage Themed Vignette

I’m really excited to have a display at Indie Wed later this month (January 30th at the Ravenswood Event Center).  After some deliberation, I’ve decided to have a few vignettes on my table with different wedding themes.  Each vignette will have a bridal bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece, and placecard holder.  Along with these items, I’ll have a mini inspiration board, with the item that inspired the theme, the color palette, and a photo of the bride’s or a bridesmaid’s dress.

For one of the vignettes, I’m borrowing the theme for a wedding I’ll be doing this summer.  A creative couple I met with a few months ago brought to their consultation their inspiration piece for their wedding: a sheet of gift wrap with a collage of vintage postcards from Paris.

Cavallini Gift Wrap -- Paris Postcards

I immediately fell in love with their vintage French theme, and my mind started putting together soft green hydrangea and beige roses in aqua antique medicine bottles.

Fast forward a bit to the release of the first issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings, and I fell in love again–with the look on page 76.  The dress is soft and romantic, with a light aqua detail.  The birdcage veil and necklace give the look a vintage feel.  I thought, that would go great with the vintage French theme!  So I’m making it happen with the vintage-themed vignette that Pollen will have at Indie Wed.

A few sneak peaks of my vintage themed wedding vignette for Indie Wed…

Vintage Theme Inspiration Board

Vintage Theme Inspiration Board

For the placecard holder, I’m planning on a dual purpose placecard holder/wedding favor: a mini herb pot with the placecard sitting in it.  I created a vintage-looking placecard that resembles an admission ticket.

Vintage Themed Wedding Placecard

Vintage Themed Wedding Placecard

For the two other vignettes, I’m planning on doing a modern theme and a seasonal/rustic theme.  I’m still working on these ideas!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, get your tickets for Indie Wed!