Wedding Profile: Yellow and Grey Wedding

Yesterday I delivered the most unusual wedding flowers I’ve done to date!  The wedding had a yellow and grey color scheme, with a circle motif and look that was a mix of vintage and modern.

The bride was drawn to more unusual flowers, especially billy balls, which some call billy buttons.  Billy balls (Craspedia globosa) are a yellow flowers that look, to me, like a gumball on a stick.  The little yellow heads are a perfect sphere, and add an unusual touch to arrangements.

During the consultation with the bride, we sat down and looked over some photos of bouquets including billy balls, and decided to use a focal point of billy balls, surrounded by another round flower called silver brunia.  I suggested a collar of swirls of lily grass to finish off the bouquet.

While preparing for the wedding, I described the bouquet to people a few times, and everyone had a pretty difficult time A) imagining what this would look like, and B) imagining it would look good!  But I could envision it.  And I knew it was going to look cool.  And it turned out exactly as I had pictured it…

Wedding Bouquet with Billy Balls

For the groom’s boutonniere, I used the same elements as were in the bride’s bouquet, including a loop of lily grass to mirror the collar of lily grass loops in the bride’s bouquet.Groom's Boutonniere with Billy Balls

And for the groomsmen, I used billy balls and silver brunia, including a touch of the silver brunia foliage.Groomsman's Boutonniere

Definitely the most interesting wedding flowers I’ve done yet!  I really loved the look of it.