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Ornamental onions? Really??? Yes. Allium.


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As you can see from my use of allium throughout this website, it’s one of my favorite flowers.

And they’re in season now!  Allium has a smooth, sturdy, and leafless stem, topped off by a purple poofball.

There are a few different types commonly available as a cut flower.  Bullet or drumstick allium (Allium Sphaerocephalon) are small, with about 1″ ovoid flowers that are greenish in bud, then turn to a pinkish-purple as they open.  A much larger variety, Globemaster (Allium giganteum), has eye-catching 5″ diameter blooms.

While florists refer to these purple balls as allium, the term “allium” actually refers to the genus of plants that includes not only onions, but also garlic, chives, leeks, and ramps.   Globemaster allium are available locally from late May into June, at the same time as peonies, which they happen to look great with!

Allium are fun–they add a sense of whimsy to any arrangement.  Or used on their own, they can look architectural.

A simple bouquet of allium

Simple bridesmaids bouquet of allium.

Allium vased

Simple vased arrangement of allium.

Consider allium for your spring wedding or next special event.  They’re a beautiful seasonal flower, not to mention a conversation starter!


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  2. Meg says:

    OO OO, these flowers are so sturdy, and really do make an amazing impression when you can see the variety of sizes they come in!

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