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In my previous post, I shared why I eliminated the use of floral foam from our studio.  Now, I’d like to share how we did it, a bit generally, and I’ll add with future posts with more technical details for each type of design, geared toward florists interested in transitioning away from floral foam.  I’ll […]

I’m often asked what it means to be an eco-friendly florist. To answer the question more specifically, this is the first of a series of posts about how we are an environmentally and socially conscious florist, as well as a lot of my own thoughts about the balance between running a profitable business and being […]

At a consultation yesterday, I proclaimed that the grandmothers of the couple being married usually prefer pin-on corsages because wrist corsages are new-fangled, and the mother of the bride informed me that wrist corsages actually go way back.  I guess I associate wrist corsages with high school dances, so I always assumed they were a […]

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