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FAQ’s: Can we meet for a consultation?


Maybe!  Are you ready?

This question comes to mind now, because I’ve had a recent flurry of requests for consultations for weddings that are next year.  How do you know if you’re ready to meet with a florist?  Here’s one florist’s opinion…

I like to meet with clients once they have some of their planning underway.  Most importantly, you should have your wedding date selected.  You want to make certain that your florist has the date available to do your wedding flowers.  Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time (and theirs!), if they’re already booked for the date you end up selecting.  And without the date selected, you can’t count on your first-choice venue being available, either.  Having the venue secured allows the florist to make design choices that work in harmony with the space.

Also, it is most helpful if you already have an idea of the overall look you’re going for with your wedding.  Knowing the look or feel you’re trying to achieve will direct the conversation.  For example, are you trying for a romantic and traditional look, or something more modern and quirky?  The florist will be interpreting these looks through their flower selection and design.

Are you going to have a color scheme?  This is often led by the choice of the bridesmaids’ dresses.  If you are going to have a color scheme, make sure you know it before meeting with the florist, since the flower choices will likely be dictated by the color scheme.

Also, make sure your florist is best suited to provide the products and services you’re looking for.  I try to find out right away if we’ll be able to provide what the client is looking for.  Understand what a potential florist does–and does not–do well.

We’re a small company, and don’t do big over-the-top weddings.  Sure, we can do a 30 centerpiece reception, but if you’re looking for a one-stop place to create your look and transform a room, I suggest you look to an event design company such as Botanicals or Heffernan Morgan.  They can help you select linens, provide furniture, design the lighting, as well as provide beautiful flowers.  At Pollen, we don’t get into all of that.  We have just a few basic rental items, such as pedestals and larger vases.  Here, we generally stick to the flowers.

What we are best suited for is weddings in which the couple is trying to minimize their wedding’s environmental impact.  If a couple is planning a green wedding, I don’t hesitate to let them know that we are a likely good fit.  And I’m happy to provide references for other green wedding vendors as well, so if you’re looking for an eco-conscious caterer, invitation company, photographer, venue…  Let’s talk!

So, can we meet for a consultation?  If we’re available for your wedding date, if you have enough planning under your belt, and if it seems like we can do a good job providing what you’re looking for, then I’m happy to schedule the consultation!  Please give me a call at 773-387-1398 or shoot me an email at lynn (at) to schedule a consultation.


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