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Indie Wed Sneak Preview–Vintage Themed Vignette


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I’m really excited to have a display at Indie Wed later this month (January 30th at the Ravenswood Event Center).  After some deliberation, I’ve decided to have a few vignettes on my table with different wedding themes.  Each vignette will have a bridal bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece, and placecard holder.  Along with these items, I’ll have a mini inspiration board, with the item that inspired the theme, the color palette, and a photo of the bride’s or a bridesmaid’s dress.

For one of the vignettes, I’m borrowing the theme for a wedding I’ll be doing this summer.  A creative couple I met with a few months ago brought to their consultation their inspiration piece for their wedding: a sheet of gift wrap with a collage of vintage postcards from Paris.

Cavallini Gift Wrap -- Paris Postcards

I immediately fell in love with their vintage French theme, and my mind started putting together soft green hydrangea and beige roses in aqua antique medicine bottles.

Fast forward a bit to the release of the first issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings, and I fell in love again–with the look on page 76.  The dress is soft and romantic, with a light aqua detail.  The birdcage veil and necklace give the look a vintage feel.  I thought, that would go great with the vintage French theme!  So I’m making it happen with the vintage-themed vignette that Pollen will have at Indie Wed.

A few sneak peaks of my vintage themed wedding vignette for Indie Wed…

Vintage Theme Inspiration Board

Vintage Theme Inspiration Board

For the placecard holder, I’m planning on a dual purpose placecard holder/wedding favor: a mini herb pot with the placecard sitting in it.  I created a vintage-looking placecard that resembles an admission ticket.

Vintage Themed Wedding Placecard

Vintage Themed Wedding Placecard

For the two other vignettes, I’m planning on doing a modern theme and a seasonal/rustic theme.  I’m still working on these ideas!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, get your tickets for Indie Wed!


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