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Meet the Girls : Myrtle (RIP)


RIP Myrtle 5/7/2019 – 3/20/2020

Sadly, my first introduction to one of our hens is also a memorial. We lost Myrtle yesterday to a hepatic fracture. She went quickly. Huge thanks to Dr. Kline and the very kind folks at Niles Animal Hospital.

Myrtle was a bold girl. As you can see in the video above, even at two days old she was the first to go exploring on her own. She was the first to jump out of the chicks’ brooder box a couple of weeks later.

Myrtle was a Silver Laced Wyandotte, with gorgeous black and white feathers and a very fluffy butt. She was the top of the pecking order and reminded the others by literally pecking them. I called her the Mean Girl of the group. The first to eat, the vet suggested that her “me first” attitude may be why she had the fatty liver. She got the most treats.

Myrtle was nearly always chatting with a sweet boop boop boop boop. The coop is quiet today. We’ll miss you, Myrtle.


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