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Update: Hospice Hearts Gift


12193338_1114287815247953_7760818650771858336_nPollen is so excited to present Hospice Hearts with a Valentine’s Day gift to help cover veterinary bills of the pets they bring in to their care.  For each wedding we booked between the date of my transport of Abby and Bosco up until Valentine’s Day, we put another $50 in the Hospice Hearts pool.  Eleven weddings booked in that time means $550 for Hospice Hearts!

Read here how Hospice Hearts captured my heart and moved me to support their mission.  As I’ve kept up with their efforts, I’m even more impressed with their work to rescue pets of people who can no longer care for their pets due to illness, being admitted to a nursing home, or death.

Bosco AbbyIf you have room in your heart and home for Bosco and Abby, who are currently with a foster family, please consider adopting these two cuties.  You can view all of the adoptable pets rescued through Hospice Hearts here.  Want to make a donation to Hospice Hearts?  Awesome!  You can support their work to rescue pets like Bosco and Abby, who lost their owner last month, here.


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