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Green Wedding Vendors Unite!


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The folks at Pollen, Spilled Ink Press and Logan Square Kitchen have been hatching a plan.  A plan to get like-minded wedding vendors together.  And we did it!

Earlier this week, we pulled together a group of eco-friendly Chicago area wedding vendors to talk about ways we can work together to educate consumers, ourselves, and other vendors about being mindful of the choices we make when planning events.  Some of the ideas we’re talking about are to create a directory of eco-friendly wedding vendors, put together a website for the green wedding vendor community, and host a green wedding show.  And of course, we’ll be holding regular networking events to bring together the community of mindful wedding vendors.

If you’d like to join the group, please send an email to me at lynn(at)  We’re so excited to get this community together!


  1. We are so glad to hear about your green wedding vendor community. It still seems to be a novel approach in Chicago, but we are excited to see more wedding couples request our hybrids instead of our stretch limos. It’s great to see the green movement grow.

    To help expand the green community, our Green Links page is open to every green person or business who would like a free link to their page.

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