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Indie Wed Display–Modern Theme


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For the “modern” theme for Pollen’s Indie Wed display, the inspiration was a beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes.  The decor picked up the fuchsia color of the shoes with deep pinks, as well as pewter and silver, and conveyed simple elegance.

Modern Theme Mini-Inspiration Board

I featured fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids in the centerpiece, bridal bouquet, and boutonniere.  These flowers are so gorgeous and striking, that they really can stand alone.  I added lily grass to the tall centerpiece, and allowed the orchids to have some space, so the individual stems could be appreciated.

Tall and Modern Orchid Centerpiece

These beautiful orchids were grown in a western suburb of Chicago, so they only had to travel 25 miles to get here, instead of 2500 miles!  So not only are they very fresh, but they have a smaller carbon footprint than imported orchids, since they don’t need nearly as much fossil fuel to get to their ultimate destination.

For the bridal bouquet, I again allowed the orchids to stand alone, with a little lily grass added for a modern flair.  I wrapped the stems in pewter ribbon, then silver wire, to carry through the silver accents in the centerpieces.

Modern Orchid Bridal Bouquet

These flowers would be perfect for the couple planning a simple and elegant wedding that still makes a  statement!

These beautiful phalaenopsis stems were grown in a western suburb of Chicago, so they only had to travel 25 miles to get here, instead of 2500 miles!


  1. What a great color, so vibrant. Love that a pair of great shoes was the inspiration. The orchids are striking and classic, wonderful choice, they stand alone well.

  2. Karen says:

    I love this idea for my wedding! I am currently trying to figure out how you got the orchids in this round shape since the stems are so short? Can you tell me how you did this?

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