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Indie Wed Display–Quirky/Woodsy Theme


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The Quirky/Woodsy vignette from my display at Indie Wed definitely got the most attention.  About a week before Indie Wed, I thought about cutting out this vignette, because I really hadn’t figured out yet what I was going to do for it.  I was thinking of the theme as Wintry/Rustic, and envisioned using birch bark as a focal feature, but the birch bark got the boot.  Twig balls and acorns took center stage, and the theme became Quirky/Woodsy.  I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this theme, because so many people reacted to it.

Here was the mini inspiration board for the theme, showing the inspiration piece: these somewhat strange-looking handmade owls I found a photo on Shelterrific’s blog.  The color scheme was green, plum, grey-ish aqua, and brown.

The Quirky/Woodsy Theme

For the centerpiece, I started with a natural basket made of twigs and moss.  I inserted a 5X5X5 inch glass cube vase to line it.  Thankfully it fit perfectly!  Instead of using floral foam–a much depended upon floral industry material–I designed the centerpiece in water.  I avoid using floral foam as much as possible, because it is both non-biodegradable and a petroleum-based product.  Oh, and it contains formeldehyde.  A couple of days before Indie Wed, I placed in the arrangement the non-floral items: a moss ball that I made from moss and waxed thread to provide some structure (my floral foam substitute), the branches, twig balls, and the succulent.  Here’s what that stage looked like:

The First Step of the Quirky/Woodsy Centerpiece

I later added the kale, stock, trachelium, and acorns.

The Final Quirky/Woodsy Centerpiece

For the bouquet, I used many of the same elements as were in the centerpiece. When I was thinking the theme would be Wintry/Rustic, I was planning on using a sweater-like material to cover the stems of the bouquet.  Instead, I used a green grosgrain ribbon with brown wooden buttons on the handle.

Quirky/Woodsy Wedding Bouquet

I didn’t get a good isolated shot of the acorn boutonniere, but here you can see it in the final display.  The boutonniere had matching ribbon and buttons to coordinate with the bridal bouquet.

Quirky/Woodsy Vignette

Another sustainable aspect of these designs is that many of the elements, such as the twig spheres, acorns, and branches, could be saved and used to create a keepsake.  The succulents could also be removed and would last for months kept in a low glass container with river rock and a little water. It’s a reusable bouquet!

The vignette I almost axed was the one I enjoyed making and looking at the most.  I’m so glad I kept it!


  1. Katrina says:

    I already commented via twitter, but I really do love this wedding! I hope you don’t mind, I posted it on my facebook page, referencing your eco friendly business. Super cute.

  2. Melissa says:


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