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Quick Tip: How to Hold a Wedding Bouquet


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I know, I know…  Sounds like a silly thing to explain.  With your hands, right?

Wedding :: Whitney & Mike

But without thinking about it, it’s easy to be tense walking down the aisle, and the arms go up, up, up until your bouquet is under your chin and obscuring the beautiful neckline of your dress.  And with your bridesmaids standing in a row, it really looks best if the bouquets are all being held in the same way.  Trust me on this one.  Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, you’ll look best in photos if you look relaxed.

In short, hold the bouquet low and close.  Shoulders relaxed, arms relaxed, hands lower than the elbows.  I recommend keeping your hands below the belly button.

Do you think Kate Middleton had someone instruct her on how to hold a bouquet?  You betcha she did.  See?  That’s how you do it.  One-handed, no less.

source: New York Post


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