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What a busy summer!  On top of each weekend’s wedding work, I’ve been meeting with potential 2015 clients to talk about their wedding flowers.  We’re beginning to fully book up for some weekends for next year, which got me to thinking that I could provide some insight as to which weekends typically book up first […]

When I deliver weddings, people are often REALLY relieved when I offer to pin on the corsages and boutonnieres.  It’s become clear that people really aren’t comfortable with this task, and I’ve seen so many strangely and/or precariously pinned boutonnieres, that I’ve decided to provide some tips on how to pin a boutonniere. First, where […]

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I know, I know…  Sounds like a silly thing to explain.  With your hands, right? But without thinking about it, it’s easy to be tense walking down the aisle, and the arms go up, up, up until your bouquet is under your chin and obscuring the beautiful neckline of your dress.  And with your bridesmaids […]

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