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Support Local Florists for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day.  After 10 years working for others in retail floral, I gotta say, I don’t miss it.  Well, maybe a little.  But we don’t do Valentine’s Day at Pollen.  Just full-service weddings and events.

Today, I changed Pollen’s answering machine message to say that we don’t do gift deliveries.  Answering machine, you ask?  Yep, answering machine.  I got a land line when we moved the studio.  The anxiety of having my cell phone ring on a Sunday was starting to get to me.  (Should I answer?  Shouldn’t I?)  So I got a land line.  Unfortunately, the phone number I got with the land line belonged to a restaurant that too-recently shut down.  I should start selling pizzas on the side, with all the calls I get for food orders.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to be screening calls this week, especially on Friday.  If you want to reach me this week, send a message through the contact page here, email me, or call my cell phone if you have the number.

As I was saying, we don’t do Valentine’s Day, but I highly recommend you work directly with a florist located in the area that you would like delivery.  I while back, I provided the reasons why.  Here are some of my favorite local retail flower shops (in alpha order):

I love our floral community.  Lots of very talented florists to choose from in the area!


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