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Which Weekends Book First for Wedding Florists?


What a busy summer!  On top of each weekend’s wedding work, I’ve been meeting with potential 2015 clients to talk about their wedding flowers.  We’re beginning to fully book up for some weekends for next year, which got me to thinking that I could provide some insight as to which weekends typically book up first for wedding florists.  If you’re planning a wedding any of the following weekends, you’ll want to secure your florist as soon as possible.

Valentine’s Day Weekend (February 13, 14, or 15th, 2015)

This is the busiest weekend of the year for many florists.  Because of the volume of business and potential issues with both availability and quality of product, florists may be hesitant to take on wedding work on Valentine’s Day weekend.  Some retail florists do not take any wedding work that weekend, which makes it more difficult to find an available florist.  More business is directed to event florists (who do just weddings and events, not individual gift deliveries), which makes event florists book up more quickly, too.

Mother’s Day Weekend (May 8, 9, or 10th, 2015)

Just as with Valentine’s Day, this is an extremely busy weekend for retail florists, so some will intentionally not book weddings or will book fewer weddings than on a typical weekend.  This, compounded with the start of wedding season, makes Mothers’ Day weekend one that books up quickly.  We’re already fully booked that weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend (May 23, 24, or 25th, 2015)

Any long weekend will be a popular weekend for weddings.  The more popular the weekend, the more quickly all types of wedding vendors will book up.

4th of July Weekend (July 3,4, or 5th, 2015)

Same reason as Memorial Day weekend

Labor Day Weekend (September 5, 6, or 7th, 2015)

Same reason as Memorial Day & 4th of July weekends.

And any catchy number sequences.  This year we have 12/13/14.  I haven’t come across any yet for next year, but I’m sure there’s something!

And I’m seeing an increase in popularity of September weddings.  Did I miss any popular weekends???  Feel free to chime in in the comments.


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